Masterclass: Herbal Teas & Blending


Herbal Tea Infusions is an exciting and growing  area in tea as consumers seek not only the benefits (from sleep, digestion and energy to mental wellbeing) but the wonderful variety of tastes they offer too.

Come and learn about herbal teas and Infusions – the different types, how to blend and work with them. Find out how to taste and source them too, and what your options for sustainable material are.


MODULE 1: Introduction to the World of Infusions

Getting a good grasp of the basics is a good way to begin your journey. In this module we will learn about the different types of, and use of herbal infusions. We look at  infusions drinking and it’s place in the beverage drinking cultures in the world. We will also cover more than 15 commonly used ingredients and explore how and why they are used in blends. This will give us a good grounding to explore tasting and blending in the subsequent modules.


MODULE 2 : Tasting Infusions

To create amazing infusions blends one MUST know how to taste them. We learn how to do this, and what to look for when we taste.  You will come out as one of the very few people who understands how to taste and categorize herbal infusions and this  skill will prepare you to be able to work with infusions in blending or indeed in creating NPD.


MODULE 3 : Blending Fruit & Herbs

It is a wonderful thing to be able to create a product that looks and tastes great while giving your consumer the benefits they seek in their wellness lifestyle. It takes years to learn the ropes and to become a fully fledged blender. In this module, I use my 30 years of experience to give you a condensed fast learning of the things you must know to work successfully in creating herbal teas and infusions blends. It is an eye opener!


Module 4 : Sourcing Infusions

Now you understand the basics of herbal teas and infusions, you know how to taste them, and are knowledgeable in creating and working with blends. Let us discover how you source the ingredients, and what options you have in sustainably produced ingredients.

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