Discovering African Teas




  1. Introduction: Why Africa is great for tea
  2. Tea Consumption in Africa
  3. Teas of  Africa
  4. Buying African Teas
  5. Working with African Teas
  6. Challenges and opportunities
  7. Taste African teas


Discover the magic of the teas of Africa!

Whatever the nature of your tea business, you want to add exciting, different, clean teas to your product offering. You want to extend, and select from teas that are uncommon; teas that look and taste amazing, and come with compelling provenance stories. From white, to green and yellow, through oolong, black and dark teas, Africa has surprising teas with unexpected flavours and character. 

CTC , orthodox and speciality teas  –  get your clients to experience the African sunshine in a cup!

This course takes you through an African tea journey, exploring the different teas that you can source from the continent,  what they taste like and the origins where they are made.

Getting  a glimpse into  how tea is consumed in some African countries gives you an opportunity to create experiences for your customers, and the challenges and opportunities facing tea producers show you how you can source from Africa and make a difference at the same time. 

We even give you a list of selected speciality tea suppliers and producers you can contact for samples and teas to buy.

Additional Information

Please see the list of African Tea Producers in the supplemental resources section

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