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We bring you real tea knowledge and education – something that is in short supply globally while tea drinkers and future drinkers thirst for knowledge about their beloved beverage!


Masterclass: Herbal Teas & Blending

Come and learn about the different types of infusions. Explore the basics of blending. Find out how to taste and source herbal teas too, and what your options for sustainable material are.

What if you could know your teas like you know your wines, or whiskeys? Well, you can!

Our tea courses cater to all levels: complete beginners, enthusiasts with some knowledge to experts wishing to build their tasting skills. Our Tea Academy equips you with the skills to be able to select an impactful tea offering, taste tea, describe and speak about tea confidently and buy and blend different teas and herbal infusions. We also train and certify tasters saving tea businesses cost and time.


Certified Tea Taster Training – In person training

 Aimed at those who wish to become professional Tea master and work as Buyer/Blender. Be trained by a Global Tea Master and Tea Expert in tasting, buying, Master blending, NPD and blend optimisation. Become competent in quality and value assessment.
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  • Foundation Level 1.1
  • Intermediate Level 2.2
  • Expert Level 3.3

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